Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Captain America

Captain America Softy.

 This is a soft hackle I whipped up a while ago. It works well in the fall and winter.  Enjoy

Hook- Daiichi 1560
Thread- Pearsall gossamar silk thread- Red
Rib- Utc ultra wire, small, blue
Thorax- white super fine
Hackle- White hen neck.

Start your thread, Cut your tag end off.

Tie in your wire where you cut off your thread, and wrap back touching turns, tying in the wire. Stop either at the point or the barb.

Bring your thread back up. Touching turns. Stop about a hook eye and a half back from the eye

Rib, Bring your wire up, counter wrapping the thread. Nice open even turns. Tie of the wire and bend,and break it off.

Dub the thorax. Dont dub to much. Just enough to cause the hackles stand up against.

Once you have finished dubbin, Tie in your white hen naeck hackle by the butt.

Wrap your hackle. Tie it off, clip the excess and whip finish. Give the head a cementing . This one pictured has only one and half turns of hackle.

Let the Cap, save your next fishing adventure! lol.
I hope you all enjoyed.

Tight Ties
Johnny Utah.