Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brook fly fishing and an evening rise.

   Well, Got out a little before noon. I headed to a place that I have been meaning to fish for quite some time. Its a small brook, that's relatively close to me.  I was happy to see all the cloud cover, but once i was geared up and ready to fly, the sun came out.  This made fishing this stream much tougher.   Gin and thin on a sunny day is a tough challenge.
  I fished a good section of the stream. Nymphing the whole thing. The oldie was just a wee to heavy for this brook in many areas, so i went with the high test hares ear, trailed by a top secret
midge. The wild brown were very eager to take the hares ear. All the trout i caught on that brook took the hares ear.
   I certailny spooked more fish than i caught. The ones i caught were taken with a long cast with a long leader, and from a  knelt down casting position.
   With a my shadow casting ahead of me about 15ft, and my stomach growling, I decided to head on back to the car.  With how tough the conditions where i was pleased to got "more than four"

My largest fish of the day, I was quite surprised by the size of trout in this brook.

Can you see the two trout?

After I had a quick lunch, I headed to my favorite spring creek for the last hour of the day. My first fish was on the top secret midge. I moved up into a pool and noticed some trout dimpling and sipping bugs from the film. I gave a quick thought, hmm midge pupa hatching, or spinner fall.  With the sun fading fast, I quickly swapped out my nymphs for a spinner. With a #20 double wing spinner on, I made my first cast drift. Dimple, fish on. I manged to get all four risers rather quickly. With about 5mins worth of light left, I walked back to the car.


  1. Nice trip. Great color on the browns.

  2. Very nice report & pics. I'm ready!!!