Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blue skies, cold wind, wild browns, and glory!

 I didnt get out yesterday till around noon.  The sun was shining and the sky couldn't be any bluer. I head to my favorite local spring creek. The water running a touch low but its usually at this level. I picked a good section to nymph, I tied on the Golden Oldie trailed by the Ultra Egg.  I was not surprised with the water so low to see trout darting around as I approached the stream.  Stealth was needed, but with gin water and  a stream flowing due south, so my back was to the sun, thus casting a shadow ahead of me.  I opted for a longer leader and longer casts at first. This did the trick as i picked up a few.

I really didnt give the Ultra egg much chance fishing it with the Oldie. It was close but the oldie won with a 2:1 margin. But the Ultra egg did catch its fair share of trout. It was getting colder so I went back to the car to put on a warmer sweatshirt. As i walked by a flat,    I noticed fish dimpling in a tail out, and a good number of midges coming off.  So i switched out the rig. I put on a #12 hare's ear parachute, and ran a #22 RS-2 as a dropper.  Worked like a charm. I always enjoy watching the trout boil and seeing the dry fly get pulled under. Of course landing a good size wild brown a #22 hook is another story...... My hooked popped on my best trout of the day.

I headed on home with chill in my bones.  Had a good dinner decided to tie some glories. Greenwell's glory that is. I like this wet fly a lot. Its sharp looking and I also enjoy making variation of it.  Its an excellent spring time producer.
These monsters got teeth!  I really like the black speckles all over this trouts mouth.  It has a pepper chin.  

 Greenwell's Glory. An old English wet fly that is a great producer.


  1. Johnny U.

    Sparkling browns.
    Great photos.

  2. Thank you brk. Not nearly as good as yours!

  3. Nice report and fly pics JU.
    Hope we see a step by step soon of them sweet Greenwell's when you get a chance.

  4. Thanks MMS, I will surely being doing a tutorial. Possibly a video as well.

  5. Nice looking browns and flies!

  6. G-Lech, Thank you. Greenwell's glory is great producer for me in the spring.