Monday, November 14, 2011

Biot emerger softy (sulpher) tutorial

A biot soft hackle, done up in sulpher colors. You can vary the colors of this tie to imitate just about any mayfly. I have great success with this color combo, when sulphers are hatching. It is a fairly easy tie. In this tutorial I will show you how to get a nice taper to a biot body.  Lets tie one on!

Hook-daiichi 1550, Thread- montana fly co cream 8/0, Biot is a turkey biot (from hareline dyed "bwo")  Hackle-dark partridge(back feather), Tail- bronze mallard flank, dubbin- U.V. High Test.

Start your thread a hook eye back from the hook eye and take it back to the rear

Tie in the bronze mallard. Keep it kinda sparse. Dont trim the butt ends, rather wrap them forward on top of the shank. Be sure they dont roll. Stop at the 2/3s point. This is where the "thorax" will start.

Fold the mallard back over the top of the hook shank and wrap back over it. To the half way point on the shank. Trim the mallard on an angle.

Wrap the thread back to a few wraps shy of the tail tie in point.

Now wrap your thread forward to a few wraps shy of the hook eye, and then bring it back. Be sure to make nice touching thread wraps. This step is to even out the taper.

Tie in your biot on top of the shank. Tie it with the convex side up. 

Wrap your biot forward. Wrap so the leading edges touch. Tie off in your thorax area.

Dub the thorax

I like to then rough up the dubbin a bit. Stroking the fibers back.

Tie in your dark partridge by the tip, and then wind it on. One complete turn is plenty.

Whip finish. Hit the head with your favorite cement to give it a nice shine. And you now have yourself a great emerger.

A backside pic. I like the look of it.


  1. Very nice I too like the backside pic.

  2. Nice looking emerger. I've tied every fly I thought I needed for the 2013 year but think I'll tie half a dozen of these right now. I also really liked your double wing rusty spinner. I can see how you achieve a nice broader wing profile with less bulk than you would have with a single poly wing twice the diameter.

    1. Thank you, You should tie ups some of the dark stars as well. The fly worked great on the WB this past season. Ill will be sure to be using it again there this year. The double wing and triple wing spinners are really durable and great fish producers. The true beauty of the wing is that it doesnt collapse like a single wing poly spinner.