Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wild trout country fishing report. 10/13/11

Well got out for a brief spell late this morning.  I hit up my favorite little spring creek for about 2 hours.  The weather was bwo all the way.  So I picked a good stretch which i know holds many bwos, and wild browns. I tied on a small golden oldie follow by a small trout trout bane.   I figured i would forgo the pools and fish the runs and riffle. I was thinking that the trout would be where the bugs are.  It was my first drift and boom wild brown.  This brown was small but quite pretty. It actually had red spots on its dorsal, I found this interesting and snapped some pics

I continued up stream and was catching very consistently.  The golden oldie dominated but the trout bane account for several.  I made it up to a great run and caught several trout rather quickly before I had to head on out. I would have liked to continue on, but time was up...

This brown is all colors up for the upcoming spawn.  Its not to noticeable in the photo but this brown had red all transfused through out it. Absolutely gorgeous. He put up a great fight as well.


  1. Nice fish! Great colored up browns!

    So you ready for some stockies yet?
    Just thought i would ask.

  2. Thank you tristate. No I dont care to fish for synthetic fish. You can have them all.