Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tutorail of the black october caddis pupa

This a little different version of the October caddis pupa. Its very effective and very durable.  Enjoy.

Hook in vice, start your thread.

Catching your antron yarn and tie it down as you advance your thread to the rear, Bring your thread back up

Catch in your silver wire and tied it down, wrapping the back, bring the thread back up.

counter wrap you antron, wrap up and back down to create a taper. Fat ones work quite well so dont be afraid to build it up. Tie down the antron and clip the excess, bring your thread on to the antron slightly

Bring your rib up the same way you wrap your thread, nice open wraps, be sure its nice and tight.  Tie off the wire and bend and break off the excess. Take the thread down to the eye and back up. Nice touching turns.

Select a black hen neck hackle.  Tie in by the butt. Take your thread down to the eye and back up. Make sure the thorax area is smooth. This will help tremendously with the next couple of steps.

Wrap your hackle.  Stroke the fibers back as you wind it on. One turn is plenty. Tie of the hackle feather and snip the excess.

Select two peacock hurls and tie them in by the tips.

Make a dubbin loop, Hold your loop open and put your hurls in the middle. Then twist. This will make you a nice peacock rope that is bomb proof.

Wrap your rope to make a nice peacock collar. Tie it off and trim the excess. Make yourself a nice fat black head, whip finish.

Add some varnish to the head to shine it up. You can skip this step. I often do.


  1. great tutorial! Very clear and nicely done.

  2. Willing to bet this pattern would have worked in the State College area earlier this week!! will have to have a couple next time I'm up that way.