Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Flying, Wild browns

I got to fish for a sunday, I never get out on sundays.  It was a bright blue sky day, and WINDY!, Sure the wind was annoying and the bright sun and gin clear water made for some ultra spooky trout, but I was happy to be on the stream and flying.  I decided to hit my favorite little spring creek.  The picture above is a pic from my favorite little spring creek.

I decided to walk down to its confluence with  the big D and nymph it back up.  I tied on the golden oldie and a simple nymph. The first 100 yards didnt hold any trout. Didnt even spook one.  I got past that 100 yards and I got my first brown of the day on the oldie.

I fished up stream about a mile. There were many browns in the riffles and many in the tail out of the pools and runs.  These fish always prove to be challenge. As they are ultra aware in this exposed  and vulnerable area.  Its not much of place for nymphing, but with stalking and a good curve cast, I was catching them pretty easily.

G.O. in HD
This fellow had a lot of red to him. 

The trees that line the hill bank here wont be able to get much larger.
My last brown of the day.  With "more than four" and good walk back to the car and my lady calling, it was time to head on home.  Some kick ass spaghetti was waiting for me.  Days like these are what make life great!


  1. J.U.,

    Beautiful browns.
    Is the stream on the NJ side or PA.

  2. Thank you Brk Trt, It is on the N.J. side of the big D.