Saturday, October 15, 2011

The simple nymph, simple, and effective.

Sometimes when it comes to an effective fly, simple is best.  I call these flies simple nymphs, because they are very simple to tie and they just work. No wing cases, no legs, no ribs. Just a tail, well ya gotta gussy them up just a bit, (not to mention i love wood duck) and some dubbing tapered to a nymph shape.  You can use any dubbin you wish.  I havent used one yet that didnt work.

I fish these flies in multiple ways, they are very versatile.  I fish one as a dropper. I have swung them, lifted them, I even grease the leader and fish these guys in the film. They make a great emerger that is well.... Just simple to tie.


  1. Nice simple fly. Kind of like a Birds nest without the legs. I'm toatly down with saving material and skipping steps. So I'm tying & trying this for my local water today. Lookout SBR fish!!!

  2. Almost looks like a Walt's Worm with a tail! No doubt it works!!!!