Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pa limestone 10/12/11

Well got out early again today. So I headed on over to Pa for limestoning.  I was hoping to hit a bwo hatch, seeing it was such wonderful weather.  Well there was a very sporadic hatch of bwos. Not nearly enough to get the trout working.  I seen some caddis milling about so hopes went to an egg laying evening. Fingers crossed, I tied on a small golden oldie followed by a black out trout bane.  It wasnt long before I had a brown on.  I fished a stretch of stream and I didnt catch a brown over 11". The caddis never came, bummer.  All in all it was a good outing. The golden oldie won by 1 trout. The bane did very well. Some very aggressive attacks on it.

Flossed??? HAhAHA nope!

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