Sunday, October 30, 2011

Twisting up some olive duns

I was twisting up some olive duns and I made a video.  I ran out of these the other day, i dont generally fish or tie this style fly so it was nice to tie some up again, I had a good time. The fly works great in the riffles and doesn't need floatant as it has a snowshoe body.  I don't go fancy with the wings, seeing the fish mess them up after you catch one lol. In the video i tie a size 18. The pic above is of a size 22 and it has a thread body, with a super fine thorax. 

I didnt do this for the fly in the video but heres a little secret to get really nice wings.

Get some cheap strong hairspray and spray your feathers. I give them two to three coats. It helps big time to keep all the fibers together. But it will easily come off, which is a good thing.



  1. Nice video, and a cool fly. Can I ask what camera you are using?

    1. Thank you, I use a olympus vg-140