Sunday, October 30, 2011

Twisting up some olive duns

I was twisting up some olive duns and I made a video.  I ran out of these the other day, i dont generally fish or tie this style fly so it was nice to tie some up again, I had a good time. The fly works great in the riffles and doesn't need floatant as it has a snowshoe body.  I don't go fancy with the wings, seeing the fish mess them up after you catch one lol. In the video i tie a size 18. The pic above is of a size 22 and it has a thread body, with a super fine thorax. 

I didnt do this for the fly in the video but heres a little secret to get really nice wings.

Get some cheap strong hairspray and spray your feathers. I give them two to three coats. It helps big time to keep all the fibers together. But it will easily come off, which is a good thing.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall beauty and a hidden gem.

Well i got out Saturday late morning and into the afternoon. I chose to fly Pa, and I picked one of my favorite small streams to spend my time.  This stream is loaded with wild browns and has some wild brooks and the occasional rainbow.   With fall in full bore, the scenery was gorgeous. All the colors make the fall a truly wonderful time to fly.

When i set out it clouded up very nicely, putting an end to the blue sky morning. This happened just in time for bwos to hatch.  I started fishing a stretch with flows through a meadow, this section is a favorite of mine as it reminds me of some of the larger spring creeks further west.  It wasn't long before i was hook up with nice brook trout. The meadow section held many wild browns and several brook trout. I even got a bow.  I was using what my friend refers to as the "deadly duo". It consists of the Golden Oldie and a diamond u.v. scud.

I saw several caddis milling about the banks. At around 1pm, the bwos started to hatch pretty heavy.  On this stream the bwo species likes to hatch from just about any where in this stream, be it riffle to pool.  Once the bwos started, the trouts attention turned to the diamond scud, over the oldie.  Most likely do the flash. The oldie still got its fair share.  I was catching consistently, so i didnt see much point in changing my rig to match the bwos. I saw several risers, and  i was able to get the majority of the risers with my nymphs.  Not many trout were keyed in on the dun. They were keyed on the emerger and for whatever reason the diamond scud did the trick.

I fished up through the meadow, and in to the wooded head water area. The wooded area was particular beautiful in it fall dressings.  I took many photos on Saturday to show the beauty that this great past time and nature has to offer. Each trout has its own unique beauty.    I wrapped up around 330. As I had dinner plans.  I hope i can get back out before all the leaves are down.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Flying, Wild browns

I got to fish for a sunday, I never get out on sundays.  It was a bright blue sky day, and WINDY!, Sure the wind was annoying and the bright sun and gin clear water made for some ultra spooky trout, but I was happy to be on the stream and flying.  I decided to hit my favorite little spring creek.  The picture above is a pic from my favorite little spring creek.

I decided to walk down to its confluence with  the big D and nymph it back up.  I tied on the golden oldie and a simple nymph. The first 100 yards didnt hold any trout. Didnt even spook one.  I got past that 100 yards and I got my first brown of the day on the oldie.

I fished up stream about a mile. There were many browns in the riffles and many in the tail out of the pools and runs.  These fish always prove to be challenge. As they are ultra aware in this exposed  and vulnerable area.  Its not much of place for nymphing, but with stalking and a good curve cast, I was catching them pretty easily.

G.O. in HD
This fellow had a lot of red to him. 

The trees that line the hill bank here wont be able to get much larger.
My last brown of the day.  With "more than four" and good walk back to the car and my lady calling, it was time to head on home.  Some kick ass spaghetti was waiting for me.  Days like these are what make life great!