Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wild trout steam report 9/13/11

Well after getting some fly orders tied and in the mail. I met up again with Mr. George from Wild Fly 365. We hit my local spring creek for some wild brown action. The creek is still flowing high, but the water is clear once again. We nymphed, and worked are way up stream. We fished about 1/10th of mile of the stream.  We got into browns rather quickly. Mr. George was using a Golden Oldie and his hybrid hares ear. I was using the Golden Oldie followed by an improved zuggy. I love zug buggin. Hands down the oldie was the winner. The zug got a few.

I got two wild browns on at the same time. One on the oldie and the other on the zug.  Needless to say I was rather surprised as I haven't done this with wild trout before, stockies a couple of time, but not wild.  Mr. George got a picture of it.

Several of the trout we caught came on the lift.  We noticed some mayflies hatching sporadically. There wasn't enough to get the fish up, but it would seem they were keyed in on the emerging bugs because the lift worked well.  With "more than four" and stomachs complaining, we headed back to the vehicles and off to Charlies Pool Room for the best hot dogs in existence!


  1. That's just awesome!!! I never got the double on wilds. Congrats!!!

    Hmmmm. I now have a craving for " The Mealie "
    Hope to get some tomorrow if your around and have some free time???

  2. Thank you Thank you............

    I will be around and most likely will have some free time. I am always down for C.P.R.!!!!!

  3. very cool pic..Looks like you have a magic spell on them by snapping your fingers they just leap out of the water. LOL

  4. Nice post! Was a great day no doubt. I have NEVER seen two wild fish caught at the same time. Like you said stockers yes but double wilds????? Who does that? YOU!
    Ya think your flies catch fish? LOL. That G.O is one of the most effective nymphs I have ever fished. Hands down!! Kudos to you on coming up with a super killer bug.

    As for the "dogs" I have never enjoyed a hot dog so much in my life before. They really are the best going. I'm sitting there laughing and saying "how does one make a hot dog taste this good?"
    The whole place kicks ass! The food, people, and the atmosphere.