Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tying video, Fancy Brassie

I made a video on the Fancy brassie.  Twist these up in small sizes and fish them as a dropper. There very effective in other colors also, with ultra wire you can tie them in any color of the rainbow.  Use medium wire for 16s and use small for 18s and 20s. If you want to go smaller then give the x-small wire a try.  You dont have to use peacock or any collar at all. Just a black thread head works well.  If you do use peacock  use hurls from the eye. You can get some nice short fibers from the center eye area.

 Tying a two minute fancy brassie

 Tying the Fancy Brassie (full instruction)


  1. Great pattern & song choice...
    I like this version better then the first take.

  2. Nicely done J.U

  3. Johnny. Guess your not a huge fan of "Bright Eyes"

  4. Lol the song has terrible singing it and it made me laugh so that's why I picked it. So I guess im not a fan of bright eyes. lol