Thursday, September 29, 2011

The peeking caddis tutorial and video

This is the peeking caddis pattern which I use. It extremely effective on freestone streams with good populations of caddis.  You can twist these up pretty quickly. They are simple yet very effective.

Hook- Daiichi 2220 #14
Bead- Tungsten 3mm
Thread- Uni 8/0 tan or camel
Larva- Sparkle yarn
Legs- Partridge
Case- U.V. High Test Dub

Lets twist one up.
Hook in vise with 3mm tungsten bead

Start your thread and wrap back to the bend  

Cut yourself a piece of sparkle yarn and get your lighter
Light the end of the sparkle yarn
You want the yarn to catch fire. Let it burn for a second or two.
Blow the flame out and let it cool. It doesn't take long. Now you have a nice caddis larva head.

Tie in your larva. I like to do about a half a hooks worth of larva. Tie it in and bind it down up towards the bead. Cut the excess.

Select a partridge feather and tied it in by tip. I like to only have the ends of the barbs extend to the end of the sparkle yarn. So measure and tie it in so the once wound the tips will only go that far.
Wrap your partridge.  And then advance your thread to the rear, tying down the partridge fiber.

Make a dubbin look and apply your dubbin, twist and make a nice shaggy rope.
Wrap your dubbin rope forward and tie it off.

 Whip finish, and then i like to trim down the shag to form a  nice shape.

Enjoy the movie
Tight Ties
Johnny Utah


  1. Great video J.U. Thanks for taking my request.
    Great job!!!

  2. If your still taking requests? Can I see a March Brown wet fly when you have the chance?