Saturday, September 17, 2011

PA. fishing report 9/16/11

Well got out yesterday to fly a favorite stream of mine. This is my first time there since Irene and Nate. This stream got pounded by both.  I got onto the water in the earlier afternoon. I wasn't surprised to see new knock downs and find spot that used be 3ft now at 1ft. For sure this freestone stream has changed.  I picked a good stretch to fish and attacked with my Golden Oldie and a Peeking Caddis.  I picked up a nice brook trout rather quickly on the peeking caddis.

The water was cold from the nights prior and needless to say it put the fish off there bite. With high pressure and blue skies the fishing was not great. I picked 3 total on this stream. The odd thing was I got the trifecta in the order of brook, brown, bow.  I call it odd because I personally have only done the one right after the other only two other times.

I moved to a different stretch and didn't find any takers for my nymphs.  This stretch had changed more than the other. Much of the bottom stones had shifted and they where loose. With no takers and some time left in the day, I decided to hit the a tributary to this stream.

I am glad I made the move as the trout on the tribe where ravenous. The tribe is small stream, but it has an excellent brown and brook trout population on it. You can even catch yourself a wild bow. For this stream I fished the Golden Oldie at point and my R.T.H. (ready to hatch) flashback hares ear as the dropper. The trout where hammering the R.T.H. hares ear.  The Browns where mainly in the swifter runs. I picked up some browns and brooks from a nice bridge pool.  For first time in a long time the Golden Oldie was beat. The R.T.H. on this day proved to more effective.  With "more than four" and sun just about down. I released a nice brook trout and headed on back to me car.

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