Saturday, September 24, 2011

NJ Fly fishing report. 9/23/11

Well finished up tying some orders early in the morning so I decided I would treat  myself to some fishing for wild browns on a favorite stretch of a freestone stream by me. When I arrived at the stretch, it began to rain. I expected this so I was not discouraged. I geared up quickly and headed on down to the stream. I was very interested to see how different it was from the hurricanes and tropical depressions (Irene and Nate).

The banks in areas where very eroded, what was a foot and half bank now was a small obstacle of about three and half, four feet. This particular stretch has a sandy silty bottom with areas through out the stream with rocks. Its almost like rock walk ways in the stream. I got into the water and flew my nymphs up and across to the known holding area. My first cast was awarded with a nice wild brown.

I made my way up stream to the first riffle, it was raining pretty hard and the bad weather mayflies where coming off pretty well. Of course the rain kept the fish down. But I was able to pick up a bunch of small wild browns with a size 20 Trout Bane.  The trout were obviously gorging on the emerging nymphs. Iso were emerging from the riffle very sporadically. Not many rocks out of the water on the edges for them to emerger.

The rain continued to fall and I continued to press up stream further. I got up to a deep  run that just screams trout. I made my first cast into the run. It drifted down to the tail and got slammed by a nice wild brown.
I also caught several hold over rainbows from the depths of the run. Each one was in excellent condition and put a great fight. Its nice to see that trout are able to hold over in this stream. Hold overs and wild brown means big possibilities.
Note the dark coloring of this brown and the coloring of the stream bed in back round. It marvelous how brown trout take on the colors of there habitat.

Hungry, soaked and thirsty, I made my way back to my car. With "more than four" caught I was satisfied with the excursion.


  1. excellent looking fish

  2. Beautiful Fish! Seens that you never, ever, ever get skunked!

  3. Nice wildies, I'm looking forward to the BWO's on the Letort.

  4. Thank you G Lech, Gaeron and Jules.