Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fishing Report 9/10/11

Got out yesterday for a short while, only about 2 hours. I took a ride around to see some areas on several streams. These areas were closed since Irene. I was amazed at when i got to a point that only a good off road vehicle could pass. The stream completely destroyed the road. The hole it cut in the road surface as seen in the pics was 3 1/2' foot deep and about 25' long.  Needless to say I turned around.

I headed to my local spring creek, which was running rather high and off color.  The off color was a welcome sight, since the wild browns in here demand stealth. Many areas on this stream have changed, just like many other streams across the great north east. I was wading through an area that usually at this flow is about knee deep. I was surprised when it was up to my chest only half way through.  I turned around and headed for shallower water.

I nymphed with my Golden Oldie followed by my U.V. High Test hares ear. I  put some drifts into a fishy pool.....nobody home. I moved to the run above the pool.....Aha..... Found them. The browns where very eager to hit the G.O. and the U.V. High Test hares ear. I fished up the run and into the riffle, and up into the next run. All the browns i caught where either in current seems or in the slacker water close to the banks. Gary Borger calls this water the "secret river". I cant tell you how many trout I have caught fishing the slack water banks. It doesn't matter how shallow they are, 6" of water is enough.  I wrapped up and headed back to the car.  As I was walking the stream side back, I noticed black caddis dancing, laying eggs. Had the water conditions been right this would have got the fish on the rise as it usually does.

All in all it was a great two hours out. With "more that four" to hand I was very pleased. The Golden Oldie beat the hares ear by 2:1. Im always happy when even the tiniest brown try to eat the #10 3xl golden oldie. The flies a quarter there size. Im hoping to get back out this evening. Thats if it doesn't rain. Im tired of fishing in the rain!
 The beauty of a wild brown is something amazing. I enjoy seeing how there colors correspond with the stream beds colors. This stream has light to medium colored stones with sandy bottoms  And these browns blend in perfectly. 

My best one of the day she took the u.v. high test hares ear.  For her size she fault pretty damn good.  The girls are starting to buldge, reds are on there way. Please dont wade in red water. Lets save the next generation!


  1. Love the small streams and wild Browns. Nice ties too! I'll be following!

  2. Thanks Kevin for your kind words. Wild browns are my favorite.