Sunday, September 25, 2011

A deadly stockie fly. The Infamous Pink Worm Tutorial

The infamous Pink Worm.  This fly is beyond deadly on stocked fish. especially rainbows. Tie these babies up if you like fishing for those synthetic fish. Tie them on a diesel hook for a killer steelhead pattern.

Hook- #14 dry fly hook
Red uni-6/0
Body- Florescent pink Vernille
Body- Steel Head Orange Glo-bug yarn

start your thread, and run it down to the hook point.

Tie in the vernille, Use two secure wraps, one on top of the other. Then advance the thread forward, stop two hook eyes back from the eye.

dub your thread, don't be shy and don't be ridiculous.  This right here is the exact amount to make a great body ( I have tied hundreds of these.  )

wrap your body. Wrap back, forward, back 3/4 quarters then forward.

Tie down, the vernille over the top, with two tight wraps, Then whip finish in front of the vernille.

take a lighter and singe the ends of the vernille.

How to fish the fly properly

Small shot about 8" above worm, size and number to suit water conditions. You want it on or near the bottom. Fish dead drift. Takes usually are gentle as the fish just suck the worm in. If you are sight fishing, drop worm above to slightly to side of fish and try to stop it on the bottom, near the fish.
They will move to pick it up.

Tight Ties
Johnny U.


  1. Lookin' good

  2. Johnny, I am going up for steelhead soon, what is a Diesel hook?

  3. Jules---A "diesel" hook would be any hook of a 2-3x heavy designation. I like the mustad s80 3906 for steelhead infamous pink worms. A size 14 works well and wont get snagged nearly as much.

    G Lech---- Thank you George!