Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9/20/11 Pa fishing report.

Well got out for a days worth of fishing yesterday. I met up with George of wild fly 365. We started the day on my favorite Pa freestone stream. The weather was good for fishing, low pressure with a light rain. We decided to hit the upper reaches of the stream.  This section has a lot of riffles with some great runs.  We nymphed of coarse. We used tandem rigs. The Golden oldie in the lead and various droppers though out the day.

Once we completed the section. I took George to a spring creek tributary.  We nymphed this tribe the same way we did the main stream.  It wasn't long before we had more wild browns on the end of our lines. We managed to catch the wild trifecta on the tribe.  Once we finished the section on the tribe we moved  to a different section of the tribe to see who was hiding under the bridge. The trout where stacked up under the bridge and we proceeded to catch fish after fish.

we then moved back to the main stream and chose a section far down stream from our first section. The section proved worth while as we got into more trout.

The Golden Oldie accounted for 95% of all trout caught. I am often wondering while fishing, Why do i even bother fishing tandem.  All in all it was an excellent day worth of fishing

Looks like this brown has some eye lashes on her.  notice George's disheveled Golden Oldie in her mouth. 

George's beautiful brook trout. Taken on the with Golden Oldie. The brooks are getting rough with one another. You can see this by the fishes tail.

A beautiful little wild brown trout. Note the Golden Oldie hanging from the trouts mouth.


  1. Awesome post! I have to tell you, that Golden Oldie pattern of yours sure does look like a killer!

  2. Was a good day.