Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wild Trout Nj and Pa 8/9/11

Well got out in the early am on a small wild stream in New Jersey. It was nice and clear, with a good flow and ice cold. The wild browns and brooks were semi active in this early am. It wasn't long before I got into fish.

The trout in this stream are very spooky, and the banks well over grown. So you basically have to find a spot were you can cast. Most times its just drop the flies in front of you and let them ride on down. Fishing down to the fish is the only approach that works effectively here.

A quick film inspection revealed almost nothing. I seen one trico dun, and a couple of midges. So I tied on my trico emerger. With in a couple of drifts I had a taker. A nice little wild brown. I took two more browns
with this pattern. I then switched locations.

Moving down stream a wee bit. I got into position. As I waited for the trout to settle back down. A caddis went skittering by. I thought of the midges I seen in the film. I re-rigged to a fat head x-caddis with midge pupae droppers. This rig was the ticket.

First drift through the holding area and boom. A beautiful 9" wild brook trout crushed my pheasant tail midge. I was quite happy to catch a brook of this size. I drifted through again and again. I caught 3 on the caddis, and 6 more on the midge pupae. The pheasant tail pupae was the ticket. I then received a call from my friend asking if I would like to go fish a pa mountain free stoner. I said YES! I departed New Jersey.

I love free stoners. They are always loaded with bugs, the hatches are off the hook. There's always stone flies around and the trout look for them, caddis as well.

The stream we went to is a free stoner with many small spring creek runs supplying it with cold water all summer long. It has a steep grade with many rocks and boulders. Its a beautiful mid size stream. Almost reminds of mud run. Not as deep.

We arrived on stream mid morning. We picked a section with great nymphing water and went to work with the nymphs. The wild browns we caught all were holding in the head of pools or runs. Many were also found in pocket water areas. The G.O. and the U.V. Flashback Scud worked like gang busters.

We fished two sections of this stream. Each section held many wild browns of good size. The average was 14". The best caught was a gorgeous 17" wild brown. We covered probably close to two miles stream, as we walked right on by pools and glass runs.

There was a good iso hatch happening all morning. Many iso duns were trapped in spider webs. This explains why so many nice size trout were hanging out in the swift water. All in all we cleaned up. I was very pleased on the numbers we got in august.

A nice New Jersey wild brown. All the others I caught were very feisty and wouldn't pose for photos. lol. In PA, I didn't carry my phone. I don't carry it when fishing such a stream. To much risk of taking a swim.

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