Tuesday, August 2, 2011

white flies, New Jersey. Morning trico hatch 8/1/11

Well I was out for the evening hatch the other night. The trout were not working much in the film, so I nymphed. I was able to pick up several browns rather quickly with a white hairs ear. The trout didn't start rising away till there was not light left.

The night before I was stream side with a friend and we noticed white flies. Yes there are white fly hatches in New Jersey. The hatches are just beginning. The white fly offers some excellent evening fishing. As well as first light fishing. Trout can be taken with a #12 white spinner. White fly action is sporadic but will run all through August.

I find the best hatches in areas where riffles meets a run. Trout can be picked up rather easily in these areas with a #10 white hares ear. When the fish begin to rise, I either swing some white softies or fish a white floating nymph. Fishing softies in film can be very effective.

This morning I was out before first light. Bagels and coffee in hand, I watched for rises. I was only half way done with my breakfast when in a run I noticed dippin and sippen. With a couple of boils. I rigged up and got into position. I tied on a triple wing white fly spinner, and sent it a drift. A nice wild brown took it without any hesitation, dipped and sipped it right down. I was able to pick up "more than four" in this run.

As I was fishing I also noticed some ISO spinners in the film. Big rusty. I moved into where the run went to glass pool. I drifted the white fly spinner down at a nice boil. Nothing. Rather than waste a drift as the tricos were definitely hatching. I swapped flies for a big rusty. I sent it a drift at the boil, and boom another nice wild brown. The trout slowed there rises as the sun got higher. I departed the stream as it was time to go to work.

A white fly spinner.




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  1. Nice fish J.U and really cool photos.