Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rubber legs...Do they make a fly pattern more effective?

Rubber legs are rather new to the fly tying world. Many old standard pattern have had the legs added to them. I have tied and fished rubber leg patterns, with ok success. I don't think they really are more effective than say partridge. Other than you can get a thicker profile of legs with the rubber.

I have been using life flex from hareline and I must say I do like the material, but I truly do prefer natural materials.(other than dubbin, I like synthetics and naturals) I have tied the Golden Oldie with rubber legs, instead of partridge. I gave it a fair test of fishing with it for 2 weeks. The results were low. I didn't catch nearly as many trout with the rubber leg version as I do with the standard version.

A downer of the rubber is that Ive yet to find or hear of any that can last very long.

I welcome and ask for your comments on the subject of rubber legs. Have you found them more effective???


  1. I find that on patterns where normally partridge and hackle is used, they aren't as effective. But on thing's like Drone Stones and rubber legged stone flies, I think they hold their own. Now if you post up the recipe for the G.O. we can see for ourselves...

  2. Johnny Utah8/21/11, 9:40 AM

    Thanks for your opinion Gaeron. And you just don't give up do you? lol

  3. Johnny,

    Well, you know what they (and by they I mean that guy labeled "anonymous" on those quote websites) say, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

  4. Well, I have an addition to make. I believe that if a fly has rubber legs and is present well, a stocked trout will take it every time. I find that is not the case with wild trout though....

  5. Rubber legs clean up and Utah knows it. LOL

  6. I think it's 50/50. So why waste time taking that extra step tying them in? Or even waste spending money on them legs that just come off after a few fish?