Friday, August 19, 2011

Pa nymphing 8/19/11

Got out late morning with my daughter. We went and nymphed a favorite pa stream of mine. We both got "more than four". The Golden Oldie and a U.V. diamond back scud cleaned up. The Golden oldie out did the U.V. d.b.s. by 3 to 1. All fish caught were wild browns with one suspected stream bred bow.

My daughter is still learning the basics, so chucking nymphs up stream in steady runs and riffles works well for her. She was happy with the bow, since she has never caught one. The water was down a lot from a few days ago. Which made wading extremely easy. It was an enjoyable morning of fishing. With our trout catching desire satisfied, we headed on home around noon for lunch.

Forgot my phone so sorry no pics today. However we did do some sampling, as my daughter and myself are into seeing what bugs are around. We found a ton of stones, and a couple of various mayfly nymphs. We also found plenty of caddis. I collected two of the mayfly nymphs for my collection.

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  1. Sounds like a great day!!!