Monday, August 8, 2011

Pa Fly fishing report. Uraban fishing. 8/7/11

Well with all the rain we received yesterday and last night. It made for some excellent nymph fishing this morning. A friend and I got out this morning. We hit our favorite pa water. The wild browns were very ravenous, and the hold over bows were quite feisty.

We got started around 730 and finished around 12. This stream has an urban section and that's the stretch we fished. This stretch is loaded with wild browns. It also always has plenty of bows. Some wild brook trout can be found on occasions as well.

I used my Golden Oldie with a J.U. Rock worm crack. The trout were crushing the golden oldie. The oldie beat the rock worm by a 4:1 margin. Almost all fish were taken on a dead drift. A few came on the nymph streamer technique.

The browns all had nice plump belly on them. A good sign especially for this time of the year. I noticed many small slate gray stone flies hatching and milling about. Some caddis were present as always with this stream. I also noticed some rather large mayflies hatching which looked like slate drakes. And of coarse there were tiny bwos present.

We fished for over a mile, up to my friends house. We ended the day both with "more than four". I was very pleased to get out nymphing again. It was a good time.




  1. Well Love all the fabulous details on your blog.Great fish!!

  2. Nice photographs of fishing, it seems to be a great adventure.

  3. Fish looks really unique, which one is this?
    I would love to insert them into my fish pot.