Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flying after Irene, Spring creek assesment. 8/30/11

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. I had to do some clean up from Irene in morning and afternoon. My daughter had cheering practice, so when I dropped her off at practice I snuck out for a hour to my favorite New Jersey spring creek to asses how much the old girl had changed. And of  coarse to catch some wild trout!

I decided to a short stretch that had some deeper pools. I wanted to see if they filled in or got any deeper. Well the on has a nice huge oak tree laid across it. So fishing here means losing flies for fish. The plus of the tree laid across was it caused the water to dig the bed out under it, making the pool deeper. The other pool in this section looked fine. The water was flowing a little high and just a tad off color. Prime nymphing water.

So I tied on the Golden Oldie and U.V. diamond scud. I decided to not fool around with the pools seeing by this point I had only 40 mins left. So short  on time and the presser on (its been a very long time since I got the stinky badger ) I decided it best to work the runs. I peeled off some line and began working it into the air. I shot it back and then over shot the run and put my rig in a stream lined bush. I laughed and thought well, Im not getting anybody out of this run, because I'm not losing my rig. So after I retrieved the rig I set my sights on a newer run ahead.

A tree had got lodged in the bed and  it made a real nice run next to it and a mini pool at the end of it. I launched a cast into the pool area first. Boom, a little wild brown crushed the flies, he jumped and he was gone. I laughed again, thinking I'm having "one of those days".  With 20mins left I sent another drift into the pool. Boom again, another wild brown and I got this one in. I got the phone cam ready and flip, he escaped....  I moved up to the run along the log. This spot looked beyond fishy. I set a drift in, another, another and several more.  With a nobody home I moved up to the next the run. I took a moment to check my rig, I didnt want anything else to go a rye.  Rig checked out okay, so I set a cast right above the heart of the run. It came into the heart and boom, fish on. This one I got in and he was very photogenic. It was now time to pick up my daughter.

 The Golden Oldie strikes again.

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  1. I'm glad to see your getting into fish already.