Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fishing classic water in the rain

Well a friend and myself got out this evening to do something we hadn't done in a very long time. We fish in the rain. It wasn't cold a bit. This is the first time I fished in the rain since I was a teenager.

We decided to fish a classic pa stream since the rain would likely stir some of the fish up. Well it did indeed. We nymphed about a half mile. Till we decided we were wet enough. We were soaked!

With the golden oldie and U.V. flash back scud, it didn't take more than a cast before we were into fish. The fish were all podding up in prime areas. We hook all rainbows. No browns to be found in the riffle>run section we fished. We caught a lot of hold over bows. Nice size ones that fought well.

Only one rise and it was for an emerging caddis. I seen many small bwos hatching, but no trout eating them. Well at the surface anyway. I also noticed caddis popping of several times.

I snagged a rather large stick in the stream. I love my g.o.s so in I went after it.(I like to see how many trout I can get on one before the materials fail. To date my best one caught over 80 trout. It was still going, I simply retired it.) I retrieved the flies and lifted the stick from the water. There were many tan and black caddis larvae, several bwo nymphs, and two stone flies. I was very pleased to see this. I only wish I had a waterproof came with me to take pics today.

We left the stream soaked but satisfied.

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