Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tricos, New Jersey, wild browns, and my new spinner. 9/28/11

Well the morning hatch was slow. Trout were active at first light but the damn geese put them down. So instead of nymphing, I just threw my trico emerger around. I picked up few here and there.

In short time I noticed a large pack of browns working. I counted 17 total. It was early for the spinner fall, and it was cloudy. I figured maybe bwos, so I put on a J.U. blend Adams. I got one of the fish to take it rather quickly. Only a few casts.
A quick pumping of the throat* revealed trico duns. *(I use a "stomach pump" to check to see what the trout are eating. Its actually missed named because your actually pumping out the throat of trout. It should be called a throat pump.)

Now i found this odd, since it was in fact cloudy all morning with no sun yet. More new info that doesn't match with what is "fact". Any ways... I removed the Adams, and tied on my new spinner. This is the result of my discovery the last time I fished tricos in New Jersey. The pattern is Johnny U's Cosmic Cripple spinner.

With the new pattern ready for testing, I set it a drift. Well long story short. The 16 trout that remained rising all took the pattern with no refusals. The spinner fall was a heavy one. The trout had lanes set up. I had 3 trout move out of there lanes to take the fly. This new pattern landed me 14 of the remaining 16. I didn't get the other 2, because they took the fly and I missed the hook set. But hey, 14 out of 16 isn't bad. The C.C. spinner is officially wild brown trout approved!

The hook I tied the pattern on was a Montana fly company emerger hook, 7125 #24. The hook stayed sharp the whole time, and did not bend. Even with the heavy pull of the wild browns.

With the tricos over and "more than four" under my belt, I had lunch stream side with the Mad Man who stopped by. Before lunch I tied up a Rusty c.c. spinner. Seeing it was clouding up big time and I noticed some rusty #20 bwos on the water. After lunch I put the new fly to the test. I used it as the cripple version.(this will be explained in my post about the fly) I took an additional 6 with this fly. Throat pumping confirmed Rusty Duns. I then departed this wonderful stream to head to another beautiful stream. I nymphed the afternoon away, until the rain came.

A tiny trout bane, and a bead head hares ear worked like a charm. On this stream I wondered what was hatching lately. So I found some over hanging branches and look at the spider webs. I was a little surprised. TRICOS!!! males and females. I was unaware that this stream had tricos. I am also pretty positive that hardly anyone if anyone is aware that tricos exist here. Now knowing this I will certainly dedicate several mornings to come.

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