Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tricos, Improved snow shoe, and my top secret spinner.

Its now later in the hatch, the trout have switched over to spinners that have begun to fall. I take off my emerger/cripple and tie on the T.S. Spinner or a improved snow shoe. Casting and drifts are the same. I'm still fishing above the fish, casting down and letting the fly present first.

I wasn't satisfied with the results of the snow shoe spinner, so I made some adjustments and I get better results with it. The key is to keep it sparse and small.

#24,Top view of the improved snow show spinner. The thorax cover is micro foam.

Bottom view of the improved snow shoe spinner. The thorax is black sts. Yes sts. Its possible to dub and tie a #24 with sts dubbing.

The Top Secret Spinner.

#24, T.S.S.

#24, Top Secret Spinner.

#24 T.S.S.


  1. Johnny U...Again very nice looking tricos. Thinking I'm going to get some #24's since the hook i used today got me some, But i also did get half amount of just looks from them before they took it. Was wondering if I went smaller if that would of worked better? Since I went with a smaller X, Longer tippet, and that didn't help out that much.

  2. Tri,
    Thank you.
    I use for the emergers 22-24s, spinners i use 24-26. Now sometimes you can get away with using a scud hook of a bigger size with the fly tied smaller.

    If you got looks and no takes, then you had some yes qualities but something made them refuse. Now it could have been size.(not only hook size, your flies proportions as well) Or it could have been color. Even your presentation.

    My tippet section on my leader for trico is 3lb and I use about 6-8 ft. Lol i'll bet your tip wasnt that long. lol.

    With tricos slack line drifts are extremely important.

  3. Hey Johnny....It's 0300 in about 2 hrs I'll be streamside near Rt.57 today until 10:00. Give me a call if you happen to check this blog before 10:00AM.