Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tricos continued Johnny U's A.D. spinner.

Ok, lets get back to TRICOS! Here is one of the spinner patterns i use. Its very effective. Its Al's trico spinner with a twist. I made the butt green to show some eggs still left in females abdomen. I also brush up the hackle fibers to each side, then take some uv resin and put just a wee bit on the brushed up bottom of the hackles. I seen Davie Mcphail do this with a spinner pattern he tied on YouTube.  So thus the name. A is for Al, and D is for Davie. The A.D. Spinner.



I tied this on a size 14 standard shank hook for photo sake, I usually tie them on a 20-24 short shank dry fly fly hook. Light wire scud hooks work great for this. Remember tricos have a very short stubby abdomen.

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  1. This is a new one for me. Looks good though