Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tricos, and masking hatches

Got out this morning for the tricos, well i did any, the trout were interested in other insects however. The masking hatch is something ever hatch fly fisherman should be aware of.  I have seen this numerous times with trico hatches.

I arrived on stream, a little late this morning, 630am. Upon my arrival I notice fish working in an area the fish usually work in later in the morning. This was the first clue.  All suited and geared up, i proceeded to
wade out and get into position to take these rising fish. I positioned myself above the first fish about 15 feet or so. Its amazing how close you can get when a hatch is going on, and you wade extremely cautiously and slow. 

Being the hour it was, i figured emerger. Ten good drifts later, no fish on the J.E.U. Trico emerger. Swapped out for the improved snowshoe. No fish. Swapped out for A.D. spinner, no fish. Swapped out for S.& J. spinner. No fish. All clues.  Wondering, I waded out into the trouts line of drift. I immediately saw the mystery insect. Rusty spinners size 20 floating by. I tracked  about where they were on the water and fish took them.

I tied on a rusty spinner, And with the hatch matched, I proceeded to take fish. A big bow was my first victim....I release all the trout I catch.  While wading down stream to more rising fish, I observed some splashy rises and air bubble rises. Neither a rise for spinners. I cast the rusty spinner anyways and picked one more trout with it.

While wading down  I was noticing quite a few caddis pupa husks drift by, I also saw several spent caddis on the water. I swapped out for a tan x-caddis. Hatch matched again. Every trout that was rising was easily fooled with this fly. If they didn't want it dead drifted. They would take it if i skittered it.

Always make observations when fly fishing, check that film and see what doing. It will mean more fish and save you a lot of frustration.

If your having a tough time getting trout to take your trico spinner, Observe where you are, check the film. As I said earlier, I have seen this before. A lot of times I see bwo spinners, rusty and gray olive ones falling during the trico hatch. Don't hesitate to tie on a rusty spinner. I have caught many selective browns by doing this. I suppose bwo spinners taste better then tricos.

It was a very productive morning with over 15 to hand. Many wilds and some big hold overs. Even scored the............

Trout Trifecta!
A brook

A bow

Mr brown.

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  1. So the "baetids" did the trick today?