Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trico Fishing Report For week 7/11-7/16

Trico fishing has been very good. Caught many trout this week. Even had a hog break me off! 16' foot leader set up, did the trick, along with the right trico patterns. The improved snow show did well some mornings. The trico cripple did excellent in the morning. The S.&J. trio spinner did great. I haven't showed this pattern yet. The J.E.U. trico emerger did excellent. I have not showed this pattern either. The J.E.U. trico emerger was extremely effective throughout the entire hatch, including the spinner fall.

With Summer here, the tricos will be hatching in the mornings for many days to come. I will certainly being hitting this hatch as much as possible.

A odd thing happened today during the late hour of the spinner fall. My buddy and I could not get the browns to take any spinners. Odd i thought for a while. I tied on the J.E.U. Trico emerger and cast after cast took fish. I pumped several trouts throats. I was shocked at what I had found. The trout were gorging on trico duns! This was at 10am. All were male tricos. Who says male tricos emerge at night??????

Well i will post up some pics of the new patterns. Both wild brown trout approved!


  1. I couldn't agree more the trico fishing has been geat!

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