Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trico fishing New Jersey 7/26/11

With the morning clouds there wasn't much doing upon my arrival at the stream, trico wise. There were certainly some tricos hatching. I watched a piece of water as I finished my coffee. I watched two trout rising in the semi clear flow.

I payed close attention to there rise forms. Head tail, and the occasional nose bubble. I got my waders on and got my rod out. I waded into the line of drift for the two risers to inspect the film. Bwo spinners size 18s, and 24s. Also bwo duns. With the clouds still heavy and no sun yet, the bwos took advantage. I tied on a size #20 parachute adams with my bwo blend. First drift boom, a nice wild brown. My next drift netted me the other trout.

By this time the clouds began to break and the sun began to shine. I made my way down stream a bit. And watch some other trout rising. Same rise form as the others. I took notice to some tricos buzzing about. I got into position and drift the adams down, over the first, not even a look. Over the 2, a compound refusal. It drifted down to the third and line, and with no hesitation the trout took it. I then changed flies to pursue the other the two trout. I tied on my trico emerger. 2nd drift and a jaws take. A healthy hold over. The third trout was spooked, so I moved on down stream.

I got down stream and the spinners began to fill the air. Mad Man Steve was still in route. I got into position for a some more drifts. Another set of fish. 6 total in pack. Little did I know these fish would be the my most selective group of trout of the year so far.  I began my attack, I repeated
drifts ith the emerger and all no looks or refusals. I rought the fly on in for inspection. It appeared fine. At this time the Mad Man Arrived. The spinner fall was in full motion. I swapped out yet again, I tyed on my S&J trico spinner. At this point the fish were tippin and sippin all the way. I made some great drift and more refusals and no looks. Hmmmm????????

 I brought the fly back in for inspection. Looked fine. I noticed a trico drifting by at this time. This one was special to me and made realize something. The trico was drifting upside down, legs frantically kicking. What i noticed was how the spinners body sits well below the wings. Inspection of my fly again revealed the difference, and the reason for the refusals. I pulled out my scissors and trimmed a good portion of the wing away. The fly body now was well below the wing just as the naturals.

I cast the newly manicured S&J spinner out and got all out head to tail takes. I caught all 6. Each took the fly as if it was a natural. This is the result when you truly match the hatch. No refusals, No 2nd drift. Just tip up, and head back down. I had to remove the fly with hemostats each time. They took it so well, they damn near swallowed it. Well this particular fly was toast after those six. I'm not gentle with the hemos, and I damaged the fly. Its sign that you tie tight, when your thread is holding your fractured hook together.

I ventured up back up stream, to tell the mad man of my discovery. He was working on a tip and sipper. He stated he couldn't get him to take. I asked if i could take a crack with my fractured fly. The fly still looked ok, but as stated the hook was definitely in two. I drifted it on down and the trout tipped and sipped the fly right in. I set the hook and felt the weight and the hook popped. Not surprised I brought i the fly back in and the hook bend had pulled up. It wasn't the bend, it was the fact my 8/0 thread wraps couldn't hold it together against the stain of a brown.

I got into some more fish after the spinner fall ended. It ended at 10am on the dot. Some fish were still rising, cleaning up whatever was left. These fish are usually extremely selective or opportunistic. I drifted a new spinner over them and nope. I put the old faithful, tan fat head caddis. Drift, twitch, drift, fish on. The fishing was good right up til noon. Then the bite shut down. Mad Man I decided to go hit another freestoner and do some nymphing. The Mad Man did rather well, and I didn't do to bad either.

Here are some pics of fish and bugs. Had some friends other than mad man and the trout today.

A nice wild brown

A wild bow.

A fatty hold over bow.

wild brown.

This fellow must have been out partying all night and into the early morning when he decided to rest on my shoulder instead of the water surface.

Sally says Hello. Stone flies are my favorite. :) This fellow was crawling all over me as the mad man and I ate lunch stream side.


  1. Awesome post! I love it. Awesome that you really did match the hatch. Too bad you didn't have anymore of those flies, maybe you could of landed the one that Mad Man was after...

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I have lots of S&J spinners on me all times. I just wanted to see if that fish would take the fly, and see if the fly could land the fish. At that point I had well... a lot of fish landed already.

    Also I match the hatch all the time. Do every trico outing. Why do you think I do so well. The difference this time was I figured out a diffrent design for my spinners I tie.

  3. Nice post! Kudos to you for picking up on the naturals and "fixing" your spinner.