Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trico emerger/cripple. Deadly!!!

Once i have finished my bagel and my coffee. Its time to get in position to catch the trout feeding on my favorite hatch, the trico!. Now when I say finish my coffee and bagel, there gone by 5:15 am. The whole while I'm watching and targeting a pod of risers, or one large trout that's enjoying the trico feast.

Now I'm putting my waders on and my rod is already rigged and ready rock. I did this the evening before. My leader total is about 18' feet long. I wade out slow as a snail, to get into position for my first cast. I like to be above the trout for this hatch. I have found from keeping notes, that I certainly get more takes presenting the fly first.

At this time in the morning, the females are emerging, and trout are well aware of this and feeding steadily. The pattern i display below is hands down the deadliest pattern I have used for this part of the hatch. I have another in the works, but for now this one is my go to. Its simply a standard mayfly cripple, tied very small.

This is a # 22 mayfly emerger. Tied on a daiichi dry fly hook.  The hackle is whiting dun neck hackle.
Two turns is all that's needed.
This is how the pattern should ride in the water. If tied properly it will also land this way on almost every cast.

My other spinners are next. Improved snow shoe, and my favorite, my top secret trico spinner.


  1. Johnny, Thanks for blogging these great patterns. After tying a few & it's now almost 0300. Guess I'll get ready, grab some food along the way and head by the riverside and get geared up for Trico fishing today since it's in the 60's now.

  2. Johnny, After seeing this fly do wonders on every trout that what rising near you this morning.

    Please tye me up some. I'll pay whatever you request. Since I don't have the material, and if I did, I couldn't tye it as nice as the ones I seen you fishing today...

    Also, Glad I did stop fishing where I was at this morning and took the drive and caught up with you and seen how this fly just produce over what I was casting at them.

    Thanks again for making me a believer in another pattern you suggest. That was simply outstanding watching and seeing them trout just slam it.