Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trico Cosmic Cripple Spinner.

This is the spinner pattern I have been using the last several outings. It was my result of an earlier fishing excursion. I noticed the the wings on trico, and other mayflies, are not coming from under or even the middle of the body. They are on the upper portion of the thorax.

The bodies of the flies are in the film not on the film as they drift down the stream. I tied this pattern with that thought in mind. I wanted to show the body down in the film and the wings on the surface. So far the testings of this pattern and its tying style, has been excellent.

With the way the wings are tied in, your capable of pushing them upwards and fishing with them up. This way your representing a cripple dun, cripple spinner, hell I'm sure the fish might even think its an emerger.(not that fish think) You can push the wings back flat again and it fishes very well as spinner. The moving of the wing from spent to upright doesn't effect the material, the material goes right back to the way it was easily.

Now many of you will say that's nothing new when you see the pattern, you might think its just a poly spinner. While poly (siliconized) is my favorite for the pattern, It doesn't mean its your run of the mill poly spinner. It does take some elements from other patterns. It includes a double or triple wing for larger flies. This of course is from the triple wing spinner, hands down a very effective pattern. And of course poly. Its how its tied that gives you a different fly.

Here is the fly and i'm working on a video of me tying this fly.
This the trouts view. Notice how the wings are set back as well. This is another observation of mine. The naturals wings don't come out of there head, like so many other patterns do.

This is a side view, you see how the ENTIRE body sits below the wings. This is yet another observation i made will seeing a natural trico spinner drift by.

Here is what it looks like when you force the wings up. It makes a nice cripple dun pattern. The fly lands and float on its side just like many cripples do. It give the one wing silhouette. You then can easily get the wings back to spinner style.

Video to come. Might not be the best quality, this humble fisherman cant afford a high end came to do great videos like Davie Mcphail. He's an excellent tier and does wonders with those videos. Check them out and listen carefully as he does give great tips and instructions.

Tight Ties
Johnny Utah

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