Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mustad c49s

First let me say that I am a mustad man. Have been for years. The new signature hooks are of superb quality. This does not mean I only use mustad, I am Primarily a Daiichi man, them babies are sharp! I really dig Montana fly hooks, and am looking forward to trying more models out. I also think sabers are fantastic for the money.


Now the Mustad c49s. I love this hook for my flash back scuds, and hoglouses in size 10-14. The size 16s and 18s come in handy all around. The wire is a standard gauge. Which means you can use them for dries. I believe they go all the down to a 28. The wire starts getting pretty thin at a 20.

I tied and used several size 22 J.E.U. Trico emergers recently. I felt I should post about this as I don't want anyone to lose there 20-20 club fish. The other day fishing the morning tricos, with my buddy Mad Man Steve. I had a nice wild brown take the J.E.U. Trico emerger. I set the hook, the hook set, felt the weight, and pop, the hook popped. Inspected the Fly and the hook was bent. Bummer. I used several other j.e.u. trico emergers on the same hooks and didn't have an issue. Now Mad Man was fishing a 24 or 26 c49s and didn't have any issues.

My overall review of this hook is excellent. I really dig the bend of this hook. It sets and penetrates very well. Stays sharp, bouncing bottom, and hooking fish after fish. I recommend this hook and I will continue to use them.

Tight Ties
Johnny U.


  1. I also love this hook. Wish i could score them in 50 packs like you got. Since the place I buy from has them only in 25 pcs.

  2. Have you ever used AFF 2488 #24 hooks? You can score a 100 pack for $6.95. Just wonder how they hold up when fishing them? Do you know if they are in fact ultra sharp hooks?

  3. I do not buy, tie, or fish Allen Fly hooks. They are P.O.S. hooks. They have horrible quality control and they sell dull hooks. Don't waste your money. Saber sells 100 hooks for 4 cents more. They are much better quality and have much better quality control.

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