Sunday, July 24, 2011

Johnny's Rock Worm Crack

This pattern is just a little adaptation of the trout crack tied by Mr. Wilson. I tied this pattern up some time ago, and have fished it quite regularly on the free stoners and have had good success with it. Its very simple to tie, the only handy thing is that with this tying style it pays to know how to hand whip.

So here is a tutorial of how to tie my rock worm crack.
Hook- I prefer a emerger hook, but any emerger or scud hook will do fine.
Thread- Mono thread. I like uni mono thread. In the sewing world its called invisible thread. You can get a ton for cheap, its good quality, you just have to re-spool it.
Body- Caddis green polar dubbin
Head- Black polar dubbin
Rib- Tying thread
Stripe- UTC vinyl rib. Use midge size for smaller patterns and nymph for larger

Hook in vice. Lay down a layer of thread back past the barb about a hook eye. This hook is Daiichi 1150. Its one of my favorites.

Dub your body up to about a hook eyes length before the hook eye.

Tie in your vinyl rib. Tie the rounded side Up. I'm using chartreuse. Olives make a nice stripe as well.

Dub your head.

Rib the fly back towards the barb. Take open close wraps. Rock worms have many segments. Make sure to put as much pressure on the thread as possible to really get it dug into the vinyl.

Trim of the vinyl, Now whip finish, With mono a regular whip will not hold well. I whip by hand so I came up with a whip that holds the mono. I call it the double twist whip, or the mono whip. When you rotate the thread over its self, on your hand turn, do it twice. This really gets that mono to bind together. Then you can head cement if you wish. If you do not do the mono whip you better cement.

Top view of the finished fly.

Here's one with a tan stripe. This is the fly that big bow crushed.
This is an emerger hook which i like very much, Its a Saber model 7050.
I have had no problems with this hook. Have been tying on it and fishing it for over 2 years. For the low cost sabers are great hooks. You can score 100 for 6.99 at the fly shack.


  1. Very nice!! I really like how the caddis green polar dub looks in the water.

  2. Thank you George. Polar dub is great stuff for sure. I use it quite often in my dubbing blends and by its self.