Friday, July 29, 2011

Jersey fly fishing 7/29/11

Well I got a late start today. Got on the water about 930. In short order I was able to get a trout to take the C.C. spinner. I went through my other spinners before going with the C.C. spinner. Each one had looks but no takes.

The morning and into the afternoon was cloudy and muggy. So the rising was sporadic. After 1030 I moved up stream to meet back up with the mad man and his buddy. I fished to some more rising fish.

I noticed gray olive bwos in the drift. So i put on the bwo adams. I got one to take it rather quickly. A very nice wild brook. The brief fight put the other risers down. I B.Sed with the mad man before he departed. The fish began rising again.

I drifted the bwo adams over the first with no looks. The second no looks. A third fish began to rise. This brown took the fly. A throat pumping confirmed that the trout were eating bwos,and carpenter ants. A quick change of the fly and I was in business with the other two browns.

The clouds brought the bwos out in good numbers. The afternoon breeze and large stream side provided the ants. The ant pattern I used was just your standard fur body ant. I love this imitation. It has caught tons of trout for me. Especially picky selective risers. Trout always seem to be willing to take an ant.

If I am unsure what is hatching I will almost always fish an ant. Get that first trout and pump its throat and get positive confirmation on what the trout are eating. I don't know what I would do, other than burn up a lot tippet changing flies, if I didn't have my throat pump.(stomach Pump)

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