Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7/25/11 cloudy and cool means bwo New Jersey.

Well yesterday was a day I was waiting for and so were the bwos. Bwo prefer the opposite weather than the tricos. Bwos love low pressure, clouds and rain. The good part was we didn't get this for a while so the Bwo spinner and hatch was a awesome one. I would call it a Bwo super hatch. It lasted far longer than any Bwo hatch or spinner fall I have ever fished.

Fish were up and working at dawn, spinners were already falling and in the more riffles water they were hatching. There were two different ones. One was a size 18 and olive colored all the way. The other were the tiny Bwo. Grey,brown,olive color and size 20-22.

I started the day with the cripple/emerger. Tied with a little olive super fine. This pattern proved deadly yet again on trout taking emerges. For a spinner I used a rusty spinner as well as a gray olive s&j spinner. Both fooled many trout. All the patterns I fished were size 20-24.

The afternoon was good till the rain came. I fooled a couple of fish with a bi-visible. Mad man Steve showed up as the rain came. He was pulled out a couple of brown with lafontaines sparkle pupa.

With the day yesterday and today being cool cloudy mornings the tricos are just building. The next sunny morning should be a great trico hatch. Be sure to have size 24,26,and 28s.

Tight Ties
Johnny Utah

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