Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trico Cosmic Cripple Spinner.

This is the spinner pattern I have been using the last several outings. It was my result of an earlier fishing excursion. I noticed the the wings on trico, and other mayflies, are not coming from under or even the middle of the body. They are on the upper portion of the thorax.

The bodies of the flies are in the film not on the film as they drift down the stream. I tied this pattern with that thought in mind. I wanted to show the body down in the film and the wings on the surface. So far the testings of this pattern and its tying style, has been excellent.

With the way the wings are tied in, your capable of pushing them upwards and fishing with them up. This way your representing a cripple dun, cripple spinner, hell I'm sure the fish might even think its an emerger.(not that fish think) You can push the wings back flat again and it fishes very well as spinner. The moving of the wing from spent to upright doesn't effect the material, the material goes right back to the way it was easily.

Now many of you will say that's nothing new when you see the pattern, you might think its just a poly spinner. While poly (siliconized) is my favorite for the pattern, It doesn't mean its your run of the mill poly spinner. It does take some elements from other patterns. It includes a double or triple wing for larger flies. This of course is from the triple wing spinner, hands down a very effective pattern. And of course poly. Its how its tied that gives you a different fly.

Here is the fly and i'm working on a video of me tying this fly.
This the trouts view. Notice how the wings are set back as well. This is another observation of mine. The naturals wings don't come out of there head, like so many other patterns do.

This is a side view, you see how the ENTIRE body sits below the wings. This is yet another observation i made will seeing a natural trico spinner drift by.

Here is what it looks like when you force the wings up. It makes a nice cripple dun pattern. The fly lands and float on its side just like many cripples do. It give the one wing silhouette. You then can easily get the wings back to spinner style.

Video to come. Might not be the best quality, this humble fisherman cant afford a high end came to do great videos like Davie Mcphail. He's an excellent tier and does wonders with those videos. Check them out and listen carefully as he does give great tips and instructions.

Tight Ties
Johnny Utah

Friday, July 29, 2011

Jersey fly fishing 7/29/11

Well I got a late start today. Got on the water about 930. In short order I was able to get a trout to take the C.C. spinner. I went through my other spinners before going with the C.C. spinner. Each one had looks but no takes.

The morning and into the afternoon was cloudy and muggy. So the rising was sporadic. After 1030 I moved up stream to meet back up with the mad man and his buddy. I fished to some more rising fish.

I noticed gray olive bwos in the drift. So i put on the bwo adams. I got one to take it rather quickly. A very nice wild brook. The brief fight put the other risers down. I B.Sed with the mad man before he departed. The fish began rising again.

I drifted the bwo adams over the first with no looks. The second no looks. A third fish began to rise. This brown took the fly. A throat pumping confirmed that the trout were eating bwos,and carpenter ants. A quick change of the fly and I was in business with the other two browns.

The clouds brought the bwos out in good numbers. The afternoon breeze and large stream side provided the ants. The ant pattern I used was just your standard fur body ant. I love this imitation. It has caught tons of trout for me. Especially picky selective risers. Trout always seem to be willing to take an ant.

If I am unsure what is hatching I will almost always fish an ant. Get that first trout and pump its throat and get positive confirmation on what the trout are eating. I don't know what I would do, other than burn up a lot tippet changing flies, if I didn't have my throat pump.(stomach Pump)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tricos, New Jersey, wild browns, and my new spinner. 9/28/11

Well the morning hatch was slow. Trout were active at first light but the damn geese put them down. So instead of nymphing, I just threw my trico emerger around. I picked up few here and there.

In short time I noticed a large pack of browns working. I counted 17 total. It was early for the spinner fall, and it was cloudy. I figured maybe bwos, so I put on a J.U. blend Adams. I got one of the fish to take it rather quickly. Only a few casts.
A quick pumping of the throat* revealed trico duns. *(I use a "stomach pump" to check to see what the trout are eating. Its actually missed named because your actually pumping out the throat of trout. It should be called a throat pump.)

Now i found this odd, since it was in fact cloudy all morning with no sun yet. More new info that doesn't match with what is "fact". Any ways... I removed the Adams, and tied on my new spinner. This is the result of my discovery the last time I fished tricos in New Jersey. The pattern is Johnny U's Cosmic Cripple spinner.

With the new pattern ready for testing, I set it a drift. Well long story short. The 16 trout that remained rising all took the pattern with no refusals. The spinner fall was a heavy one. The trout had lanes set up. I had 3 trout move out of there lanes to take the fly. This new pattern landed me 14 of the remaining 16. I didn't get the other 2, because they took the fly and I missed the hook set. But hey, 14 out of 16 isn't bad. The C.C. spinner is officially wild brown trout approved!

The hook I tied the pattern on was a Montana fly company emerger hook, 7125 #24. The hook stayed sharp the whole time, and did not bend. Even with the heavy pull of the wild browns.

With the tricos over and "more than four" under my belt, I had lunch stream side with the Mad Man who stopped by. Before lunch I tied up a Rusty c.c. spinner. Seeing it was clouding up big time and I noticed some rusty #20 bwos on the water. After lunch I put the new fly to the test. I used it as the cripple version.(this will be explained in my post about the fly) I took an additional 6 with this fly. Throat pumping confirmed Rusty Duns. I then departed this wonderful stream to head to another beautiful stream. I nymphed the afternoon away, until the rain came.

A tiny trout bane, and a bead head hares ear worked like a charm. On this stream I wondered what was hatching lately. So I found some over hanging branches and look at the spider webs. I was a little surprised. TRICOS!!! males and females. I was unaware that this stream had tricos. I am also pretty positive that hardly anyone if anyone is aware that tricos exist here. Now knowing this I will certainly dedicate several mornings to come.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trico fishing New Jersey 7/26/11

With the morning clouds there wasn't much doing upon my arrival at the stream, trico wise. There were certainly some tricos hatching. I watched a piece of water as I finished my coffee. I watched two trout rising in the semi clear flow.

I payed close attention to there rise forms. Head tail, and the occasional nose bubble. I got my waders on and got my rod out. I waded into the line of drift for the two risers to inspect the film. Bwo spinners size 18s, and 24s. Also bwo duns. With the clouds still heavy and no sun yet, the bwos took advantage. I tied on a size #20 parachute adams with my bwo blend. First drift boom, a nice wild brown. My next drift netted me the other trout.

By this time the clouds began to break and the sun began to shine. I made my way down stream a bit. And watch some other trout rising. Same rise form as the others. I took notice to some tricos buzzing about. I got into position and drift the adams down, over the first, not even a look. Over the 2, a compound refusal. It drifted down to the third and line, and with no hesitation the trout took it. I then changed flies to pursue the other the two trout. I tied on my trico emerger. 2nd drift and a jaws take. A healthy hold over. The third trout was spooked, so I moved on down stream.

I got down stream and the spinners began to fill the air. Mad Man Steve was still in route. I got into position for a some more drifts. Another set of fish. 6 total in pack. Little did I know these fish would be the my most selective group of trout of the year so far.  I began my attack, I repeated
drifts ith the emerger and all no looks or refusals. I rought the fly on in for inspection. It appeared fine. At this time the Mad Man Arrived. The spinner fall was in full motion. I swapped out yet again, I tyed on my S&J trico spinner. At this point the fish were tippin and sippin all the way. I made some great drift and more refusals and no looks. Hmmmm????????

 I brought the fly back in for inspection. Looked fine. I noticed a trico drifting by at this time. This one was special to me and made realize something. The trico was drifting upside down, legs frantically kicking. What i noticed was how the spinners body sits well below the wings. Inspection of my fly again revealed the difference, and the reason for the refusals. I pulled out my scissors and trimmed a good portion of the wing away. The fly body now was well below the wing just as the naturals.

I cast the newly manicured S&J spinner out and got all out head to tail takes. I caught all 6. Each took the fly as if it was a natural. This is the result when you truly match the hatch. No refusals, No 2nd drift. Just tip up, and head back down. I had to remove the fly with hemostats each time. They took it so well, they damn near swallowed it. Well this particular fly was toast after those six. I'm not gentle with the hemos, and I damaged the fly. Its sign that you tie tight, when your thread is holding your fractured hook together.

I ventured up back up stream, to tell the mad man of my discovery. He was working on a tip and sipper. He stated he couldn't get him to take. I asked if i could take a crack with my fractured fly. The fly still looked ok, but as stated the hook was definitely in two. I drifted it on down and the trout tipped and sipped the fly right in. I set the hook and felt the weight and the hook popped. Not surprised I brought i the fly back in and the hook bend had pulled up. It wasn't the bend, it was the fact my 8/0 thread wraps couldn't hold it together against the stain of a brown.

I got into some more fish after the spinner fall ended. It ended at 10am on the dot. Some fish were still rising, cleaning up whatever was left. These fish are usually extremely selective or opportunistic. I drifted a new spinner over them and nope. I put the old faithful, tan fat head caddis. Drift, twitch, drift, fish on. The fishing was good right up til noon. Then the bite shut down. Mad Man I decided to go hit another freestoner and do some nymphing. The Mad Man did rather well, and I didn't do to bad either.

Here are some pics of fish and bugs. Had some friends other than mad man and the trout today.

A nice wild brown

A wild bow.

A fatty hold over bow.

wild brown.

This fellow must have been out partying all night and into the early morning when he decided to rest on my shoulder instead of the water surface.

Sally says Hello. Stone flies are my favorite. :) This fellow was crawling all over me as the mad man and I ate lunch stream side.

7/25/11 cloudy and cool means bwo New Jersey.

Well yesterday was a day I was waiting for and so were the bwos. Bwo prefer the opposite weather than the tricos. Bwos love low pressure, clouds and rain. The good part was we didn't get this for a while so the Bwo spinner and hatch was a awesome one. I would call it a Bwo super hatch. It lasted far longer than any Bwo hatch or spinner fall I have ever fished.

Fish were up and working at dawn, spinners were already falling and in the more riffles water they were hatching. There were two different ones. One was a size 18 and olive colored all the way. The other were the tiny Bwo. Grey,brown,olive color and size 20-22.

I started the day with the cripple/emerger. Tied with a little olive super fine. This pattern proved deadly yet again on trout taking emerges. For a spinner I used a rusty spinner as well as a gray olive s&j spinner. Both fooled many trout. All the patterns I fished were size 20-24.

The afternoon was good till the rain came. I fooled a couple of fish with a bi-visible. Mad man Steve showed up as the rain came. He was pulled out a couple of brown with lafontaines sparkle pupa.

With the day yesterday and today being cool cloudy mornings the tricos are just building. The next sunny morning should be a great trico hatch. Be sure to have size 24,26,and 28s.

Tight Ties
Johnny Utah

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Johnny's Rock Worm Crack

This pattern is just a little adaptation of the trout crack tied by Mr. Wilson. I tied this pattern up some time ago, and have fished it quite regularly on the free stoners and have had good success with it. Its very simple to tie, the only handy thing is that with this tying style it pays to know how to hand whip.

So here is a tutorial of how to tie my rock worm crack.
Hook- I prefer a emerger hook, but any emerger or scud hook will do fine.
Thread- Mono thread. I like uni mono thread. In the sewing world its called invisible thread. You can get a ton for cheap, its good quality, you just have to re-spool it.
Body- Caddis green polar dubbin
Head- Black polar dubbin
Rib- Tying thread
Stripe- UTC vinyl rib. Use midge size for smaller patterns and nymph for larger

Hook in vice. Lay down a layer of thread back past the barb about a hook eye. This hook is Daiichi 1150. Its one of my favorites.

Dub your body up to about a hook eyes length before the hook eye.

Tie in your vinyl rib. Tie the rounded side Up. I'm using chartreuse. Olives make a nice stripe as well.

Dub your head.

Rib the fly back towards the barb. Take open close wraps. Rock worms have many segments. Make sure to put as much pressure on the thread as possible to really get it dug into the vinyl.

Trim of the vinyl, Now whip finish, With mono a regular whip will not hold well. I whip by hand so I came up with a whip that holds the mono. I call it the double twist whip, or the mono whip. When you rotate the thread over its self, on your hand turn, do it twice. This really gets that mono to bind together. Then you can head cement if you wish. If you do not do the mono whip you better cement.

Top view of the finished fly.

Here's one with a tan stripe. This is the fly that big bow crushed.
This is an emerger hook which i like very much, Its a Saber model 7050.
I have had no problems with this hook. Have been tying on it and fishing it for over 2 years. For the low cost sabers are great hooks. You can score 100 for 6.99 at the fly shack.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Soft Hackles. The Rusty Johnny, The bloody hares ear, and The J.C.E

I love soft hackles, they are very effective flies, and they are my favorite to tie. Here is some of my patterns. They are all brown trout approved.

This ones the Rusty Johnny

This one is the bloody hares ear.

This one I call J.C.E. (Johnny's caddis emerger) I have great success with this pattern. Bouncing bottom, swinging, in the film,it doesn't matter the browns eat it up.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Trico fishing New Jersey 7/22/11

Well the morning was HOT. The fishing was slow on the emergence side of the hatch. The spinner fall wasn't all that great. It got fish rising pretty well form 745-945. In this time Mad Man Steve and I couldn't get a hook set. We both were getting definite takes, just no one home on the hook set......I think we needed more coffee, but who wants a hot coffee when its 80 at 8am.

Mad Man was fishing a parachute trico, I started the day differently this time, as I always see caddis emerging here (pupal shucks in the drift, splashy rises) I put on a emergent sparkle pupa and it wasn't long before i had strikes, but like i said before...couldn't get a hook set... Well my pupa didn't last long as a fish broke me off on the swing.

Seeing that the hatch wasn't all that great, and some fish were not taking spinners, I put on a black carpenter ant. Within a drift or two, this guy grabbed and was hooked.



After his release, (and a throat pumping) I tied on a Tan caddis. A no hackle with tan dubbed head. After venturing down stream, spotting some browns rising and a 40' cast, I was battling this nice wild brown.


The browns really liked this caddis, I caught a couple more. walking back up stream, We spotted another brown rising, a cast, a skitter, and a compound refusal later, we continued walking.

After we arrived at the mouth of a tribe, and watching some trout rise. I cast my caddis and got another compound rise refusal. We observed the fish for a short while, and it was time nymph. In short work I brought these fish to hand.

trout bane
Trout bane

And The Hog
This fellow crushed a green rock worm.

You can just make out the head of the rock worm in the corner of the trouts mouth.
This bow put up a great fight. While this fellow isn't wild, Its always fun to catch a bow this big when they have never been caught before.

All in all it was a good morning of fishing. The trico hatch wasn't much at all but with other bugs and hungry trout it turned out great.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

U.V. High Test flash back scud.

Here is my flash back scud tied with my U.V. High Test blend. This one here had been fished all day and caught well over 15 trout. Its tied on a Mustad c49s #12, great hook. Deadly wild brown trout approved fly, the bows dig it as well.

Mustad c49s

First let me say that I am a mustad man. Have been for years. The new signature hooks are of superb quality. This does not mean I only use mustad, I am Primarily a Daiichi man, them babies are sharp! I really dig Montana fly hooks, and am looking forward to trying more models out. I also think sabers are fantastic for the money.


Now the Mustad c49s. I love this hook for my flash back scuds, and hoglouses in size 10-14. The size 16s and 18s come in handy all around. The wire is a standard gauge. Which means you can use them for dries. I believe they go all the down to a 28. The wire starts getting pretty thin at a 20.

I tied and used several size 22 J.E.U. Trico emergers recently. I felt I should post about this as I don't want anyone to lose there 20-20 club fish. The other day fishing the morning tricos, with my buddy Mad Man Steve. I had a nice wild brown take the J.E.U. Trico emerger. I set the hook, the hook set, felt the weight, and pop, the hook popped. Inspected the Fly and the hook was bent. Bummer. I used several other j.e.u. trico emergers on the same hooks and didn't have an issue. Now Mad Man was fishing a 24 or 26 c49s and didn't have any issues.

My overall review of this hook is excellent. I really dig the bend of this hook. It sets and penetrates very well. Stays sharp, bouncing bottom, and hooking fish after fish. I recommend this hook and I will continue to use them.

Tight Ties
Johnny U.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tricos, and masking hatches

Got out this morning for the tricos, well i did any, the trout were interested in other insects however. The masking hatch is something ever hatch fly fisherman should be aware of.  I have seen this numerous times with trico hatches.

I arrived on stream, a little late this morning, 630am. Upon my arrival I notice fish working in an area the fish usually work in later in the morning. This was the first clue.  All suited and geared up, i proceeded to
wade out and get into position to take these rising fish. I positioned myself above the first fish about 15 feet or so. Its amazing how close you can get when a hatch is going on, and you wade extremely cautiously and slow. 

Being the hour it was, i figured emerger. Ten good drifts later, no fish on the J.E.U. Trico emerger. Swapped out for the improved snowshoe. No fish. Swapped out for A.D. spinner, no fish. Swapped out for S.& J. spinner. No fish. All clues.  Wondering, I waded out into the trouts line of drift. I immediately saw the mystery insect. Rusty spinners size 20 floating by. I tracked  about where they were on the water and fish took them.

I tied on a rusty spinner, And with the hatch matched, I proceeded to take fish. A big bow was my first victim....I release all the trout I catch.  While wading down stream to more rising fish, I observed some splashy rises and air bubble rises. Neither a rise for spinners. I cast the rusty spinner anyways and picked one more trout with it.

While wading down  I was noticing quite a few caddis pupa husks drift by, I also saw several spent caddis on the water. I swapped out for a tan x-caddis. Hatch matched again. Every trout that was rising was easily fooled with this fly. If they didn't want it dead drifted. They would take it if i skittered it.

Always make observations when fly fishing, check that film and see what doing. It will mean more fish and save you a lot of frustration.

If your having a tough time getting trout to take your trico spinner, Observe where you are, check the film. As I said earlier, I have seen this before. A lot of times I see bwo spinners, rusty and gray olive ones falling during the trico hatch. Don't hesitate to tie on a rusty spinner. I have caught many selective browns by doing this. I suppose bwo spinners taste better then tricos.

It was a very productive morning with over 15 to hand. Many wilds and some big hold overs. Even scored the............

Trout Trifecta!
A brook

A bow

Mr brown.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tricos, New Jersey, and wild browns. 7/18/11

First let me say, that many people miss out on some good fishing by waiting for the spinner fall. While trout are seemingly rising sporadically, they are in fact gorging on trico emergers and the occasional dun. First light right up to that snow cloud is in the air, Trout can be taken rather easily with an emerger. All it takes is a keen eye to see the swirls and boils formed by the trout. Of coarse its easier to do this if one actually takes a dun, or does the famous smutting rise.

Even trout keyed on spinners have a hard time resisting an emerger. The emerger is an easy meal just as the spent spinner is.

The emergence this morning was excellent. The catch is that there were very few females that emerged. Well at least the throat samples indicated well over 90% males. I am really beginning to question all the "facts" I have read about the Trico hatch.

I took several trout before my fishing friend showed up, good ole' cosmic Steve. The fish all where fooled with the J.E.U. Trico emerger. The emerger took fish straight through out the morning. Cosmic got his first brownie on his tie of the J.E.U. Trico Emerger. A very healthy and wild New Jersey brown. It was a great morning fishing.

The mornings army. J.E.U Trico emergers.




Cosmic Steve's wild Jersey brown. Taken on his tye of the J.E.U. Trico Emerger. Great Job Bro!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

J.E.U.'s Trico Emerger.

Here is my trico emerger. Its extremely simple, but yet highly effective. Floats great and is easy to see. Best of all Its brown trout approved!


This is how it sits in the water. The body will rides down in the film.
The hook is a #22 Mustad c49s, great hooks.
Here a video on how to tie the fly- J.E.U. Trico Emerger
Tight Ties
Johnny Utah.

The S.&J. Trico Spinner

Here is the S.&J. spinner. The wing is a mix of zelon and snowshoe rabbit foot. It floats great and best of all it is wild brown trout approved!



Hook is a daiichi 1130 #22.

Tight Ties
Johnny Utah

Montana Fly company emerger hook 7125

I said i would report back with how i like the hooks. Well, I had a 25 pack of #24s. I tied  all 25 trico patterns. I fished the hooks this week and let me tell you, they did extremely well especially for a #24. I had expected to possibly have several missed fished due to the size, Not the case at all. The hooks made great sets, and held the fish wonderfully. Had some serious pulling on the hooks and line. The hooks held up great, no bends.

Finally report, They are Excellent hooks. You can get the hooks @ Casters fly shop

Trico Fishing Report For week 7/11-7/16

Trico fishing has been very good. Caught many trout this week. Even had a hog break me off! 16' foot leader set up, did the trick, along with the right trico patterns. The improved snow show did well some mornings. The trico cripple did excellent in the morning. The S.&J. trio spinner did great. I haven't showed this pattern yet. The J.E.U. trico emerger did excellent. I have not showed this pattern either. The J.E.U. trico emerger was extremely effective throughout the entire hatch, including the spinner fall.

With Summer here, the tricos will be hatching in the mornings for many days to come. I will certainly being hitting this hatch as much as possible.

A odd thing happened today during the late hour of the spinner fall. My buddy and I could not get the browns to take any spinners. Odd i thought for a while. I tied on the J.E.U. Trico emerger and cast after cast took fish. I pumped several trouts throats. I was shocked at what I had found. The trout were gorging on trico duns! This was at 10am. All were male tricos. Who says male tricos emerge at night??????

Well i will post up some pics of the new patterns. Both wild brown trout approved!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tricos, Improved snow shoe, and my top secret spinner.

Its now later in the hatch, the trout have switched over to spinners that have begun to fall. I take off my emerger/cripple and tie on the T.S. Spinner or a improved snow shoe. Casting and drifts are the same. I'm still fishing above the fish, casting down and letting the fly present first.

I wasn't satisfied with the results of the snow shoe spinner, so I made some adjustments and I get better results with it. The key is to keep it sparse and small.

#24,Top view of the improved snow show spinner. The thorax cover is micro foam.

Bottom view of the improved snow shoe spinner. The thorax is black sts. Yes sts. Its possible to dub and tie a #24 with sts dubbing.

The Top Secret Spinner.

#24, T.S.S.

#24, Top Secret Spinner.

#24 T.S.S.