Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tricos! My favorite hatch.

Get ready everybody!!! Its trico time!!! This hatch may seem intimidating to most. The long leaders, light line, small flies and selective trout,  make for challenging yet very rewarding fishing.

The most important thing to do first is to be on the water before the dawn. Now Now,  I know this is early, but if you want to catch over 20 before 8am, then get your butt out of bed. Its cool and beautiful at dawn in July in August.  Check the weather the night before. If its gonna be clear and sunny. Game on. If its gonna be cloudy and possibly raining then sleep in. Well you could hit the bwo hatch, but that's a whole other story. But an important side story!

Tricos like quite smooth flowing water, with silty bottoms. Know of any dams around???  The water above the dam usually will have this type of water for a good distance up stream from the dam

The Male trico hatch in the evening at dark and continue through the night. The females begin to hatch at first light. This is when you can put up great numbers. The male spinners fall first. The males are all black, well a really dark brown, but black does fine. Next the females fall to lay there eggs. The eggs are very close to chartreuse in color. When the eggs have been deposited the females then have a dark thorax with a white abdomen. The spinners are done falling by 930-10am

The nymphs are not all that important. Well not to me. For this hatch, as i am primarily a nymph fisherman. The emergers are VERY important. Don't waste time with duns. Spinners are very important. Both floating and sunk. My next posts will show my patterns of choice and some of my creations for this hatch.


  1. Johnny Utah -- You are epic man. Your fly tying videos kick everyone else's ass, except maybe davey but I can't understand him anyway. I want to party with you cowboy.