Sunday, April 3, 2011

A word on bobbin holders.

I have many different bobbin holders. Nor, Rite, Grif, Mat, Wasatch, generic ceramics, and a petitjean.

My Preference by a land slide is the petitjean. Its extremely well made. Its very comfortable in your hand. The thread through is a breeze. I dont mind changing threads one bit. The Dubbing hook on it is very convenient as i do loop a lot. The adjustable tension is suburb.

There are two things i dont like about it though and neither are the price. 1- With all the pieces of metal sticking off due to the thread through design, materials do get hung up on them. This easily fixed by using my bobbin holder. 2- The dubbing "hook" is very short. So if you want to lock in materials to your loop, its a challenge to say the least. This is also easily fixed by using a dubbing hook.

The price tag is high compared to other bobbin holders, but think about it. You can switch thread in a second, so it will replace the need for many bobbin holders. The quality and craftsmanship is suburb. I think its worth every penny.

Also you own a 1000 dollar rod, so why not own a 50 dollar bobbin holder.

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