Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter.

Got out today for two hours. Hendricksons where hatching pretty well. Got fish up and feeding. A version of a hares ear soft hackle i tie cleaned up. My digital cam is broken, but when i get another i will post pics of this fly. Its great for Hendrickson emergence.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

U.V. High Test parachute/ Hares ear parachute


A Stony


Walked outside the other day to go fishing and this little guy was there to great me. He was just chilling on my door frame. Needless to say, stone flies where a great producer that day.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A word on bobbin holders.

I have many different bobbin holders. Nor, Rite, Grif, Mat, Wasatch, generic ceramics, and a petitjean.

My Preference by a land slide is the petitjean. Its extremely well made. Its very comfortable in your hand. The thread through is a breeze. I dont mind changing threads one bit. The Dubbing hook on it is very convenient as i do loop a lot. The adjustable tension is suburb.

There are two things i dont like about it though and neither are the price. 1- With all the pieces of metal sticking off due to the thread through design, materials do get hung up on them. This easily fixed by using my bobbin holder. 2- The dubbing "hook" is very short. So if you want to lock in materials to your loop, its a challenge to say the least. This is also easily fixed by using a dubbing hook.

The price tag is high compared to other bobbin holders, but think about it. You can switch thread in a second, so it will replace the need for many bobbin holders. The quality and craftsmanship is suburb. I think its worth every penny.

Also you own a 1000 dollar rod, so why not own a 50 dollar bobbin holder.

Olive E Soft Hackle.

This is a little wet I devolped. Nothing amazing, just a pattern i have been using for some time, except instead of partridge hackle, I used California quail flank feather.



Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Grey Ugly.

The grey ugly is an oldie but a goody. Give them a go, there are easy to tie and they produce.


Hook-1xlong dry fly
Tag- silver holographic tinsel
Tail- grizzly fibers
Rear hackle- Grizzly
body- peacock
Rib- Fine silver wire
Front hackle- Grizzly

Tie some up and go get some!

Tight Ties
Johnny U.